Proton events

The catalog lists the proton events from the SOHO/ERNE instrument presented separately in solar cycle (SC) 23 (1996-2008) and SC24 (2009-2017). In contrast to other catalogs available elsewhere, this catalog utilizes the highest temporal resolution as provided, namely 1 min.

Preliminary results from the catalog are published here:

Miteva et al. (2023)

Miteva et al., Bulgarian Astronomical Journal, Vol. 33, pp. 99-108 (2020)

Miteva & Tsvetkov AIP Conf. Proc. 2075, 090014 (2019)

Miteva & Danov (2019)

Miteva (2017)

Acknowledgements: SOHO/ERNE data was provided by Prof. Eino Valtonen (PI) and is also available via SEPServer data server. SOHO is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA.

Disclaimer: The data is a subject to instrumental saturation effects. This catalog is still under construction. The complete contents will be available after respective publication.


AW: angular width of the CME (in degrees)
CME: coronal mass ejection
N/A: onset not found and/or it was fully masked by previous ongoing event
nd: next day
pd: previous day
p: peak is poorly defined
u: uncertain
v: visual

Contact: rmiteva [at]