Radio bursts

The radio signatures catalog lists the remotely observed radio emission of in situ detected ACE/EPAM instrument electron events from the online ACE/EPAM catalog separately for solar cycle 23 (1996-2008) and 24 (2009-2019).

This catalog is published in: R. Miteva, S. W. Samwel and S. Zabunov, Solar Radio Bursts Associated with In Situ Detected Energetic Electrons in Solar Cycles 23 and 24, Universe (2022) DOI: 10.3390/universe8050275

Related radio results based on a proton event list: R. Miteva, S. W. Samwel and V. Krupar, Solar energetic particles and radio burst emission, JSWSC (2017), DOI:10.1051/swsc/2017035.

Acknowledgements: The work was funded by SCOSTEP/PRESTO 2020 grant ‘On the relationship between major space weather phenomena in solar cycles 23 and 24’. The authors thank all radio observatories providing open-access dynamic radio spectra, among them RSTN; Wind/WAVES; Radio monitoring. For the solar source association are used the following databases: GOES flare listings;; CDAW LASCO CME catalog

Specific notations used:

dm: 3-1 GHz

dm2: 1000-300 MHz

m: 300-100 MHz

m2: 100-30 MHz

dam: 30(14)-3 MHz

Hkm: 3 MHz-20 kHz

MPA: 0-180 (East); 181-360 (West)

g: data gap

pd: on previous day

rep: adopted from observatory reports

u: uncertain

v: visual identification

2, 3, 4: type II, III, IV

Je: peak electron flux from ACE/EPAM

Jp: peak proton flux from Wind/EPACT

Contact: rmiteva [at]